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Log-in Problems

I get the message "Authorization Required" if I try to log in!

  • Please type in the access datas exactly as they were sent to you by e-mail upon your sign-up. (user: "maXi" - password: "DaXi" is NOT the same as: user: "maxi" - password: "daxi")
  • Your User Name and Password were sent to the email address you submitted when joining. If you have not received your Username and Password via email, please contact us
  • Do not use anonymizing URLs. Disable programs such as: Norton Internet Security or Atguard Privacy Software or Safeweb. They might be considered hostile by the server's security.

I sometimes get "You are blocked temporarily" when I try to log-in.

Our server security system monitors hacker attempts and account abuse and might block you in the following cases:

  • You have tried to log-in unsuccessfully many times within a short time frame. Please remember that user and password are Private use only!
  • Your username has been used from various IP addresses within a short time frame. Do not share your account with other people! Your login is for your use only. Shared accounts will be automatically blocked.
  • You have downloaded huge parts of the site with a download manager. Leeching" will be blocked.

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